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Author:  Devia [ Wed Dec 06, 2006 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  SetMAC

This is just a small program for setting the MAC address of an RR-Net. Someone requested a prog like this, and I sort of already did it, so I thought I might aswell share it.

The program first displays the MAC address currently stored in your RR-Net. Then it writes a new MAC address to your RR-Net and finally it reads back the newly written MAC address and displays it.

The MAC address written to the RR-Net is 00:80:10:00:01:40
This address is located in the binary at the very end. So to set your own MAC, just modify the last 6 bytes of setmac.prg to your liking.

It has support for RR-Net on MMC64 or Retro Replay. If you have RR-Net on both it will detect the one on the MMC64.

It can be launched from MMC64 BIOS.
I have not yet tested if it can be launced from TNT's Browser. In fact, I have not yet tested it on real hardware ;-) ..but the code is 99% like ShowMAC and it seems to work in Vice, so I guess it's ok ;-)

File comment: Show the MAC address currently assigned to your RR-Net, write a new MAC address and then read back the newly written MAC and display it. [774 Bytes]
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Author:  MagerValp [ Wed Dec 06, 2006 5:21 pm ]
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How about using the last 6 characters of the filename instead though? That way you can just rename the program to setmac031337 or whatever.

Author:  Devia [ Thu Dec 07, 2006 1:07 am ]
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I just tried that.. having a bit of trouble with it tho.. It seems to work, well.. under some conditions...
With RR+RRNet and loading from TFR, it works... in Vice it works... but ANY other ROM or HW combination I try, will not result in the right MAC. When checking the filename pointer, it does seem to point to the right filename, so I don't really get it.
I especially don't get why it won't work when the cart is in FLASH mode.. then there's NOTHING to fuck up the BASIC/KERNAL environment :?

Author:  Schema [ Thu Dec 07, 2006 1:23 am ]
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Note that I have to do a KILL on my IDE64 before running the program, otherwise it locks the C64 up solid right after LOOKING FOR ETHERNET CONTROLLER...

But then I can soft-reset to get the IDE64 working again, and the MAC stays set, so it's not too awkward a workaround. I'd like to build it into my IDE64's startup file eventually though.

For alternate configurations, how about having a 2-second delay? If no key is hit during that time, then the default MAC is used. If you do hit a key, it then asks you to change the MAC. That would be for those rare times when there are multiple RR-Nets on one LAN.

A message to remind the user to refresh ARP caches could be handy. Or maybe broadcast an un-requested ARP response too?

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