MMC64 Boot Manager by FMan
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Author:  RaveGuru [ Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  MMC64 Boot Manager by FMan

FMan of Tropyx released another little tool entitled MMC64 Boot Manager. It’s available here.

Souce: C64 Portal

Author:  FMan [ Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  V1.1 finally out!

Your idol FMan is glad to finally be able to welcome 2008 and announce the immediate availability of v1.1 MMC64 Boot Manager. Today is 1.1. so version 1.1 is finished! This is a minor update but it fixes two major bugs in the first release: direct disk operations.

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Unfortunately I had made a typo that I didn't notice and this rendered autostarting a disk nonfunctional (instead of $ffbd I called $ffdb) and the directory lister from PlushDOS just did not work. I am sorry for this and promise this version will work better!

This time I am using Graham's code to list the directory, but it calls a routine in the BASIC ROM to print the line number and this won't work in the context of this program because BASIC has not been initialized at the time when the code gets run.

So I had to disable this call and instead of actual linenumbers it will print just "0". But at least listing the disk directory now works! I will incorporate my alternate number conversion code into the next version, so then the directory printing will work fully.

For testing purposes, you can do a dry run directly from disk. Load the bin-file and start it with SYS2560. For actual use, copy it as boot.bin into the SYSTEM64 directory of your memory card. You might also want to read the docs provided on the disk.

Finally, there is a new feature present in the menu of this version but it is not implemented yet. I wanted users to be able to access the BIOS menu from my boot manager, but simply restarting it wouldn't work, coz it would just load boot.bin again. ;)

I talked to nekronomikonfive six months ago requesting a possibility to do this, ie. to revert back to the BIOS from running software, and we discussed a memory stamping method, but I haven't heard back from him yet. :) After christmas I found out he has been busy...

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