Exomizer 2.0 beta 7 released
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Author:  RaveGuru [ Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Exomizer 2.0 beta 7 released

Slightly old news but...

Exomizer is a cross cruncher that targets 6502 based 8-bit computers, in particular the 8-bit home computers from Commodore.Some of the changes since the 2.0 beta 6 release:

  • Fixed a bug in the 6502 forward decruncher regarding literal sequences longer than 255 bytes.
  • Added z80 decruncher source code contributed by Metalbrain.
  • Added experimental desfx sub-command to decrunch a sfx-generated file.
  • Fix broken ROM/RAM banking NMI handling for the Atari target of the sfx sub-command.
  • Improved the Oric 1 target of the sfx sub-command.
  • A complete changelog is included in the zip file. For more info and download see the exomizer web site at

Source: C64 Portal

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