MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs
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Author:  anodyne777 [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

I'm an MMC Replay user and I have two questions...

-How can I access .T64 files? I copied a .T64-reader plugin to the /system64 directory on the flash memory card I'm using with the MMC Replay, but it just hangs when I try to open a T64.

-Is there a way to load multi-part games with the MMC Replay that doesn't involve just copying an entire D64 onto a real floppy via 1541 drive and then loading it the old fashioned way (and this isn't always successful)?

I've had the MMC Replay for 8 months now and the only things I seem to be able to do are run single-file programs directly from the MMC Replay, or copy a D64 to an actual disk for anything more complex... and I can't use T64 or CRT files, which unfortunately comprise a majority of my C64 software collection. I bought this unit hoping I could abandon my disk drive at least for read-only file access, doesn't seem to be the case, at least with my level of knowledge.

If somebody could start from the beginning on how to get around these issues, I'd really appreciate it. I've spend hours trying to piece together solutions from other threads and forums and apparently I'm just too much of an idiot to figure out what I need to do... ?!


Author:  mistermsk [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

What firmware version are you at?

May want to try this one The only issue I had is with the ethernet card. I had to drop to BASIC to get it to work properly. But, this version works with a lot of CRT files.

You might want to drop your system64 directory and just start with one plugin at a time. Remember to back them up.

Author:  RaveGuru [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

The MMC64/MMC Replay is not a 1541 disk drive emulator! It only offers limited emulation. Which means it can never substitute a real disk drive. If you want real 1541 emulation you should look into getting a 1541 Ultimate. The MMC64/Replay is basically good for 3 things: Networking, File/Disk transfer, Playing SID's :)

SURVEY TIME! What are you guys using your MMC 64/Replay for?

Author:  anodyne777 [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

I'm not sure of my exact BIOS version but I'm almost certain it isn't up to date. Thanks for the link.

Also, I'm aware the MMC Replay isn't a 1541 drive emulator - to my disappointment I discovered this shortly after purchasing the unit, as I had expected to use it in that fashion - sure, I would've been better off with a 1541 Ultimate in retrospect, but I've already spent $150... even spent the time cutting out a pretty cartridge casing and everything... gotta roll with what I have for now ;-)

Which leads me to my next question: I've caught mention of DFI's and other stuff as I bounce around between threads. Is any of that relevant to me (what's if for)? I.e. are there any workarounds designed to deal with the above facts, or am I really just stuck copying programs to a real 1541 from flash and I should just give it a rest?

My beef is really here: I have piles of software in .T64 format. I want to use these and I'm not sure of the most efficient + working route to get from .T64 file on the PC to something that runs on the real C64. I also noticed in another thread, something about the TNT browser. Not sure if this even works on an MMCR, but it might help me read .T64 files, right? At that point I could at least copy them to a disk, I assume?

If anybody wants to indulge my curiosity, there are a couple of other things, of less importance :-)
- Since I have the MMC Replay... what can I do with the "Replay" part of the device? Anything cool or useful that doesn't involve machine language or anything else beyond the understanding of a "casual" C64-ist?
- Using the MMC Replay for networking sounds interesting. But again, how does this work, i.e. what can it do for me and how is it used? I don't have the RR-Net module but I might go there if I had any idea what I could get out of the investment.

It might seem silly to be asking these questions only after owning the device for 8 months, but hey... I bought the whole unit partially under the misconception it was going to do stuff it wasn't capable of, so better late than never. That said, I've had fun with it and it does serve well one of my original purposes for buying it... which was to run C64-based software synthesizers I could play live during musical performances. Luckily those tend to be single-file programs and I've had no trouble running them directly from the SD card.

Thanks for your input and suggestions,

Author:  anodyne777 [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs


I've tried using the .T64 plugin by Dr. Creep, and it doesn't work. So I tried using the .T64 plugin version .04, which is said to work better with the MMC Replay, but it doesn't work with mine - instead of loading the T64 it just fills the left hand side of the filebrowser with random characters and hangs. I've tried updating from BIOS version .54 to .55, and to the new beta. No change. I tried using the TNT Browser, but it doesn't see the files on either of my SD cards, one of which is formatted as FAT16 and the other FAT32, which work fine with the built-in filebrowser... so I nixed the TNT version.

Thankfully those BIOS updates seem to work pretty reliably... because I can't even get the MMC Replay to write a D64 (namely the recovery disk - RECOVERY.D64) to either one of my 1541 drives, and I've tried several disks too. It just hangs at track 001, sector 006 every time. Obviously I tried this before I flashed the device, then I tried it again and now it locks up at track 001, sector 002.

This thing is pure frustration. Now it's come to my attention that I can't even write images to disk, and that was BEFORE I started changing things around. Ugh. Please help if there are any options remaining. If I'm bothering the wrong folks, don't hesitate to direct me to someplace more appropriate, not sure if I should be here or Lemon64 or wherever to be asking these questions... :?


Author:  mistermsk [ Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

anodyne777 wrote:
This thing is pure frustration.

I know what you mean. I actually got a uIEC because of it. I use the MMC Replay to only to run CRT and Single PRGs. Otherwise I hit F7, to drop me to BASIC. I then load up a menu program to play single/multi disk games.

I am not saying it is 'bad'. It is the way it was designed. It could be worse. I could be using a 1541. :)

BTW, looking at this thread There are other people that did not get the T64 working. I actually use Star Commander and rip out the PRG file from the tape. Then I copy that directly to my SD Card. May want to try that.

Author:  hollowman [ Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

anodyne777 wrote:
Which leads me to my next question: I've caught mention of DFI's and other stuff as I bounce around between threads. Is any of that relevant to me (what's if for)?

Could be. If you check the file area there are packs with dfi files containing ide64 fixed multi load games. If you use the dfi plugin you can run these games from the sd card. You could also put these games in .d64 or .d71 files and use tnt's disk mounter plugin

Author:  anodyne777 [ Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MMC Replay: T64 files + multipart programs

I've been able to once again copy D64 images to disk via this alternative writer plugin:

I reformatted my larger 2GB SD card (PNY) as FAT16 and I can now run the T64 image reader version 0.04:

The moral of the story is... *always* use FAT16, and try using more than one brand/capacity of SD card if all else fails...

I still can't run stuff that requires plugins properly on my 16MB SD card (Toshiba), which has always been formatted as FAT16. I'm not going to worry about the extras running from that card, though... this is good enough. The first two facts combined with an extensive collection (I have Gamebase v5 + the entirety of Arnold C64's FTP as of 2003) gives me a lot of options... if it won't open via D64, I check if there's a single-load version in the Blast (or another) collection, etc., if not there's probably a T64 version that might work (90% of what's included in the Gamebase archive is in T64). One way or another, 8 out of 10 games seem to work that I've tried in the last couple of days. Per Hollowman's suggestion, I will probably grab those fixed multipart games in DFI format just to have yet another collection handy.

I've got one more little question though (in addition to a couple more I posted earlier, nobody's biting?) - anybody happen to have a working copy of the game ANARCHY? Despite having 5 different versions, NONE of the load on a real C64, even after copying to a real floppy :shock:


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