Turbo RetroReplay+REU- Vor flashing it to your RetroReplay 3
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Author:  Krush [ Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:06 am ]
Post subject:  Turbo RetroReplay+REU- Vor flashing it to your RetroReplay 3

RRTASS3.rar [41.03 KiB]
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hi pals,

now i would say that i habe a worked version OF TurboTASS RetroReplay+REU !

its in the testing phase but it work, in the next week i will presents you a ultimative version of this code.

maybe you wuld take a look at the momentan Bin. then download it. Starting with the command TASS.
remember. the first Time you start it press the Key 1 for first time use.

so i hope you like thios code.
i would make one wit not the TASS , i will make it with an actual TurboMacroAssembler.
for the best tresult i need the RetrioReplay To store some datas but i can't find sometghing.
maybe you habe a datasheet with bank and how to ptrogramm the 64k Ram of the RReplay.

It where very cool from one of you would give me the datasheeet. i just know that i switch the Banks on Adress DE00.
but i ned more information. then i can make a TurboMacroAssebler board. like the TurboAction V2 Rom, but better coz
the quellcode starts at 32xx. i dont dont understand it. but egal i try to make it better.

please send or post it here... thanks allot. our Krusg/Crusade.

when you have flash the BIN file you just tipe TASS to enter a liddel Menu. i know its not an ultimate menĂ¼, but i try to fix it,

ok, have fun wit it and wait 1 week For the TMA version. thanx of your intress, and maybe you can give me some ideas.

but dont woder, if someone not work , (i found no erorrs) it is a beta version.

RRTASS3.rar [41.03 KiB]
Downloaded 1254 times

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