D64 mount plugin
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Author:  Ebster [ Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:11 pm ]
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@kratznagel: my fingers are still bleeding from typing to dos-prompt...


Author:  Kratznagel [ Thu Jul 13, 2006 12:39 pm ]
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Ebster wrote:
@kratznagel: my fingers are still bleeding from typing to dos-prompt...


Just write a batch file then which you can double-click, like I did. :)


Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:21 pm ]
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Ebster wrote:
is there a d71-packer for total commander or do i have to stick to c64copy?

Just a note about DIRCBM 0.7: I checked the source and it doesn't do any interleaving as far I could see. Resulting disk images will be extremely slow loading if you write them back to real disks. Fortunately this doesn't affect D64 plugin :)

Additional note: DirMaster v1.0 from Style seems capable of building D71 files with drag & drop. I have to test it myself when I get home.

Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Thu Jul 13, 2006 8:01 pm ]
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DirMaster seems to be quite nice...

If you download plugin again, you will find "rds.d64" inside zip. Selecting it in BIOS browser identifies it as double-sided D64. Mount it, load"*",8 and run. When you get to main menu, select "Set options and Race", then "Start Race". Game will ask for disk 2. Press freeze button, then fire, keep freeze button pressed and press key "2". Release freeze button. Enjoy.

(It really is easier than it sounds :))

Edit: added "B-P" command and first draft of documentation.

Author:  paulm [ Sun Jul 16, 2006 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  hi tnt

hi there tnt you know you've just made an mount d64 plug in which im gonna try shadow of the beast cmb version?. could there be a way if splitting single sided disk eg rainbows islands so that you can have the main loader on one side. and the levels on the other?

far as i can see rainbows may work with the doc dreamload. eg like sly spy did. but as im so confussied on how to convert it over i was hoping that someone will fix it some day.

tryed shadow of the beast and the image was invalid tryed dos command. the other thing was i only got one one side of the disk not the other ?

ok ive split rainbow isalnds from 1 d64 to 2 d64 disk. which comes up in the new d64 plug in. just wondered why it still not loading the next level may be if tnt can disable continous mode to the plug in so the game ask you to press spacebar. it does trys to load the next level but seems it stops working ? if anyone has any idears please replay back cheers
just tryed robocop 2 with your new d64 mount plug in and it doe's not load. But the funny thing is i tryed the mmc plug in (tnt beyond force 2005) you made and it load up to the cheat section then goes blank screen ?.

BTW Is there any way of making an tap raw plug in I know it would be slow but hay no more tape deck !!!


Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:15 pm ]
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I have now uploaded new version which supports ten disk images. No more need to join images together. Directory display in entry screen is disabled until I have time to fix it. Docs included.

Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 7:48 pm ]
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These IDE64 fixes have been tested and are working:

    7up spot
    a question of sports
    ace of aces
    after the war
    alien storm
    apollo 18
    barbarian 2
    black hornet
    blues brothers
    california games
    captain blood
    captain power
    captain zzap
    castle jasoom
    castle of terror
    clik clak
    combat school
    crack down
    creatures 1
    creatures 2
    daley t. challenge
    dark fusion
    die hard 2
    double dragon
    dragon ninja
    fire and forget 2
    galaxy force 2
    gba basketball
    giana sisters
    gremlins 2
    highland games
    hollywood poker pro
    ice guys
    indiana jones 4
    its magic
    kennedy approach
    last ninja
    last ninja 2
    mayhem in monsterland
    metal warrior 1
    metal warrior 2
    metal warrior 3
    metal warrior 4
    midnight resistance
    monty on the run
    oil imperium
    oil imperium (german)
    police cadet
    rally cross
    rally cross simulator
    rick dangerous 2
    rock n wrestle
    sly spy
    spitting image
    stir crazy
    stop the calippo eater
    street rod
    street sports baseball
    street sports basketball
    summer challenge
    summer games 2
    target renegade
    team patrol demo
    terminator 2
    the eidilon
    the institute
    the running man
    the train
    tiger road
    times of lore
    trollie wallie
    ultima 1
    warlock´s quest
    warm up
    wavy navy
    winter supersports 92
    world games
    world karate championship

Some of them require device number 12 (bloodwych, crackdown, rick dangerous 2, maybe others) or removing IDE64 CHANGE command which has to be removed (apollo18, ...)

While testing them I grew tired of writing LOAD"*",8:RUN all the time, so now you can press shift+RETURN to autostart images.

Some more IDE64 games work as well, but they don't fit onto D71 and I don't want to waste time figuring out how to split them into multiple disks. D81 support will fix them :)

If asked nicely I can make disk images for the games above available for awhile. I guess archive size would be somewhat below 10 MB.

Author:  paulm [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  d81 support

will this fix d64 games if we convert them to d81 ?
will you be putting an new d64 mount plug in here
and are you going to put the working ide 64 games you done in the upload sections pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

Author:  Ebster [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:28 pm ]
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i ask you as nicely as i can....pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase !!! with sugar on top - put the ide conversions in the upload zone!

thanks a lot!

Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 10:20 pm ]
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Changing disk image to larger one doesn't magically make it work. It just allows putting larger games in single image.

I hope upload section file size limit is really 10 MB instead of 10 million bytes - archive size is 9.88 MB. Let me know of games causing trouble (ones using CHANGE command, mostly) and I will fix them and upload them separately.

Edit: note that there still is no save support, so there are couple of games which are kind of pointless for now.

Author:  Ebster [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:14 pm ]
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juhu!! :D

save support would be great... this is somehow the reason the dfi plugin and d64 mount plugin have become less interesting for me - i thought it wouldn´t be possible unless each game is patched individually. so i guess saving at least in the ide64 patched games will sometime be possible generally?!?

ps: why don´t e.g. the remember disks work - if you disable fastloaders there you still have no kernal-loading, right?!?

best regards!

Author:  Kratznagel [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:25 pm ]
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Thanks for sharing. :)


Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Thu Jul 27, 2006 11:50 pm ]
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Ebster wrote:
save support would be great...
so i guess saving at least in the ide64 patched games will sometime be possible generally?!?

I already have both D64 sector allocation and MMC64 sector write routines ready, but there is a bit more work to be done. Normal save routine should work in future, from gfx/music editors for example. Most highscore loaders/savers use standard routines as well, so it might be worth the trouble to put single part games into D64 files for that purpose.

Ebster wrote:
ps: why don´t e.g. the remember disks work - if you disable fastloaders there you still have no kernal-loading, right?!?

Should work, can you give examples. I have pretty much all REM releases downloaded, but I don't have time to go hunting for suitable testing candidates.

Next plugin release should have much faster CHRIN support, making byte-by-byte loaders at least twice as fast as they are now. I hope I can make "load into RAM below I/O area" hack work as well, that will fix some IDE64 games. That one will be selectable, as some old programs load directly into color RAM for example.

Author:  Ebster [ Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:18 am ]
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e.g. those...

flying shark

fastloader disabled

Author:  tnt/beyond force [ Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:03 pm ]
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Ebster wrote:
ps: why don´t e.g. the remember disks work

Because they are fools, that why. Instead of calling OPEN, they do call $f34a directly. Same with other kernal calls. They also use IEC bus calls which can't be redirected, instead of using chkin+chrin.

Fixing those would be quite straightforward, if one had time to do it. First one would have to extract the intro and save it, then decrunch the rest of loader part, fix the loader (at $c000 in Barbarian) and repack everything, then link the intro back.

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