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Server Directory File Size Created on /util/wb zipcopy.lha Copys a Zip disk in 1 swap and backs up H 6KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb yerfawt.lha Yer Fawt! fault strings for "your Fault" 2KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb yaws.lha The best window switcher 4KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb yStart.lha Start menu for standard WB icons (v1.2) 19KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb xfpointer.lha Cool *X-Files* pointer for WB. 1KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb winstuff.lha Cascade / tile / arrange windows on Workb 27KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb winfo.lha Displays volume usage graphically 18KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb windowtiler21b.lha Arrange windows in many ways 12KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb winbar.lha Taskbar with START-Button! 37KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb winbar-docky.lha Windows bar docky 88KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb whdautolaunch.lha WB AutoLaunch for WHDLOAD Games&Demos lis 98KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wet_update.lha Wet weather info v6.7 patch 568KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wet.lha Weather conditions on WB, AppIcon, Docky 1.9MB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wcontrol.lha Printer style controller for WB 55KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbthemes.lha Theme for Workbench, like Dopus 370KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbstars2_src.lha Sourcecode of WBStars / WBSnow 49KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbstars2.lha V2.09 Animated workbench-background (warp 84KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbstars.lha V1.3 the warp engine for the Workbench 89KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbsizer.lha WB disk/dir sizer v1.2 14KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbpal10.lha Makes your wb-windows flashing 8KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbopen.lha Open drawers and icons from the shell and 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbmakelink_os4.lha A tool to make links all over your volume 49KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbinfopl.lha Polish translation for WBInfo2.9 1KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbinfo29b.lha Replaces info-win (MUI w. Scalos & NewIco 52KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbinfo27.lha Replaces info-win (MUI w. Scalos & NewIco 56KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wbclose.lha Close drawers from the shell and scripts 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wb20stuff.lzh Miscellaneous utils for Workbench 2.0. 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb watcher.lha Eyes follow mouse movements. 8KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wallpaper_tj.lha Workbench backdrop picture in fast RAM 4KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wallpaper.lha Place IFF images in the WB background 27KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb waitgui30.lha Wait replacement with progressbar 41KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb waitgui216.lha Replacement for Wait command, features a 36KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wait30cats.lha Catalogs for Wait replacement V3.0 18KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb wait11.lha Wait replacement with progressbar 14KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb vertool.lha Show version info from WB3.5 9KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb usuum2.lha Different prefs for multiuser Workbench 23KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb urouhack17.lha Sysihack&framepatch, XEN-style buttons!!! 127KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb updateicon.lha Create icons for files/drawers v1 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb uninstall1_61.lha Trogsoft UnInstaller 88KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb uninstall.lha UnInstaller for the Amiga! Version 1.0 107KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb ucommand_v1.lha uCommand 291KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb tv-prog.lha (PL/CZ) TV programe on computer! [v0.82] 310KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb tuse.lha The Ultimate Search Engine V1.32 42KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb tunenet-docky.lha amipal's TuneNet Docky 8KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb tooltypecat.lha French and Danish catalogs for ToolType v 6KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb titleclock.lha Display the date and time in the WB title 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb timepiece.lha Does everything! Online-time,app-launch,f 48KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb themesaver.lha Save and recall your Workbench themes 891KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb tellme.lha TellMe script to run say 21KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb AROSTCP Preferences Application 97KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb taskba62.lha Win95 style taskbar v6.2 (Minor update) 75KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb tapestry.lzh Places a 2 color picture on the Workbench 34KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sysihack.lha Get rid of squished looking windows V0.6 9KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sysi2.lha SysiHack clone replaces Window & Screen g 24KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sysbeepv1.2.lha V1.2 With the Screen Bug Fix,A Command fo 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb switcher.lzh Little utility for switching screens/wind 16KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb switchcolors.lha Allows switching between 3 palettes 9KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb suomicountry.lha file (Finnish) 1KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb suomenna2.lha Set the Workbench language to finnish 3KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb strbackdrop.lha Random Workbench Backdrop Changer 88KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb stb0.lha (Only PL) Start games/demos which 2 MB CH 69KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb startmen.lha Norwegian catalogs for StartMenu 2 2KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb speechtoy2.lha Replaces SAY, requires 2.04. Good sound. 15KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb soundprefs-2.0.lha Audio beeps for OS 2.0 9KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sonivisgui.lha GUI frontends for AVI/QT/MPEG/AUDIO - bug 8KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb smartbutton-docky.lha Enhanced button docky 650KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb siWB.lha Slovene translation of Workbench 61KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb shrub_114.lha V1.14 Shows directory trees, WB GUI. 21KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb showguru.lha Guru`s in understandable form. German onl 90KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb shovecolors_4.lha Workbench palette daemon for OS3.0 7KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb shortcut.lha To start programs from menu, very small. 6KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb shitstrip12b.lha Removes BBS Adds and repacks LHA/LZX Arcs 117KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sgrab_hrv.lha Hrvatski catalog for SGrab 1.10a 1KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sgrab_cz.lha Czech catalog for SGrab 1KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sgrab.lha Screen grabber with GUI (1.22) 180KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb seticontype.lha Change icon type from command line 8KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb set_iconV2.2.lha V2.2 of icon utitlity 22KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb searcher38.lha The Ultimate File Finder 164KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb scriptlauncher.lha Configurable button-based program launche 36KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb screenrecorder_DE.lha German catalog for ScreenRecorder 1KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb Screenrecorder x86_64 126KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb scicalc.lha Scientific Calculator for Workbench 49KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb scalospl.lha Polish translation for Scalos 1.2a 11KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb scalos_extras.lha Extras for the Wbreplacement ScalOS. 31KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb scale20.lha Magnifier/shrinker with _many_ options 39KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb sbl_eyes.lha A pair of eyes watch you 19KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb saveramdisk.lha Save the fixed Position of the RamDisk 19KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb rzreqstring427.lha RequestString for WB 2.1/3.0/3.1 9KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb runprglist.lha Starts programs from tooltypelines 6KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb runargs.lha V3.2, WB 3.9 ToolsDaemon Menu Launcher 36KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb rolex.lha Clock-Program from the 80's 30KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb rndwbpix.lha Random wbpattern picture selector (39.7) 11KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb ritathesinger.lha backup devices format audio conversion... 3.2MB 2020-04-28 /util/wb reqreset10.lha GUI for resetprograms 53KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb repicon11.lha Replaces icon-images v1.1 11KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb reorg_win.lha cleanup & resize to fit & snapshot win 14KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb remember.lha Restarts programms after a crash or reboo 10KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb reboot.lha Small reboot utility 8KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb quotes.lha Quotes - displays weird messages 9KB 2020-04-28 /util/wb pubscr.lha PubScreen creator 146KB 2020-04-28