latest updates and/or corrections 5-24-2012

This drive is a clone of the 1541 and uses a single-sided DD mechanism. 
Without a fastload cart, it runs about the same R/W speed as a 1541. It does 
have some enhancements such as a front panel readout of the disk track, a 
metal case and an external 12V 2Amp power supply for less internal case 
heating. The drive mechanism is a Chinon F-051 which I had never seen before. 
It appears similar to the ones used in the MSD disk drives although the PC 
boards on this mechanism are different, and it has a push-down door assembly. 
It's quite different than the ALPS and Newtronics mechanisms that Commodore 
used for their 1541. There are three 8K (2764) EPROMs for the DOS and system 
control. They are listed as U17 (CS=19E0), U18 (CS=56C0) and U19 (CS=29A0).
     One problem I discovered with this mechanism, and that I would expect 
to see again on other Indus drives, is that the head assembly would not 
retract all the way back to track 0. The metal shield on the underside of 
the head had warped downward and was hitting the chassis. That shield 
appears to be held in place with only double-sided tape. To remove that 
shield, the drive would have to be taken completely apart. Rather than that, 
I simply lifted up the shield a bit and put a dab of silicone rubber 
sealer between the shield and the head, then applied some pressure on the 
shield until the glue set up. That fixed it. Another problem: the cheap 
connector used on the R/W head cable came apart when I re-inserted it onto 
the connector on the PC board. To be specific, the connectors got pushed out 
the rear of the plug when I put it back on. I had to press them back into 
place with a sharp tool afterwards. There are three connectors on the side 
of the drive that must be reconnected correctly, so I made a note (and took 
photos) of where they went before removing them.