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ContikiBBS 2.6.x quick startup guide

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ContikiBBS is a tiny, little and text based bulletin board system (BBS) for the Commodore 64 homecomputer and a compatible ethernet cartridge (e.g. TFE, RRnet, 64NIC+). It can be accessed through a standard telnet connection and currently provides basic BBS functionality (select from multiple boards, post/read messages, page sysop).

This guide is intended to be used as a quick startup guide. It will cover the compilation and installation of ContikiBBS from source on a Linux system. This guide (c) 2013 by Niels Haedecke.

The following tools are required for a successful compile and installation of ContikiBBS:

* Installation of the cc65 C compiler

* Git revision control tool

* Subversion (SVN) revision control tool

* Installation of VICE Emulator with ethernet emulation enabled through libnet & libpcap (UNIX/Linux) or WinPCAP (Windows).

NOTE: On Linux you may have to use libnet0-1.0.2a from its original source code archives in order to get ethernet emulation working with VICE, since the libnet packages provided by recent Linux distros (e.g. libnet1) won't work (VICE will not be able to use the 'write_link_layer' function).

Alternatively, a Commodore 64 in conjunction with a Commodore 1541 disk drive and any compatible ethernet cartridge (e.g. TFE, RRnet, 64NIC+) will work as well. You just have to transfer the D64 image to a 5.25" disk. Google for 'opencbm' for information on how to accomplish this.

How to build ContikiBBS from scratch
This guide assumes your are using Linux as your development platform. Shell commands needed to be entered will be displayed with the well-known UNIX command-line prompt at the beginning. E.g. the following will show the 'ls' command being issued:

  $ ls

1.) Create a folder where you are going to have your Contiki and Contikiprojects sourcetrees
  $ mkdir src

2.) Go to your new sourcetree folder
  $ cd src

3.) Get sources from Contiki OS git repo:
  $ git clone git://

4.) Get sources from Contikiprojects SVN repo:
  $ svn co contikiprojects

5.) Go to the contikiprojects folder containing the ContikiBBS sources
  $ cd contikiprojects/

6.) Build the binaries
  $ make

7.) Seperately build the Contiki BBS setup program
  $ cl65 -t c64 -o bbs-setup bbs-setup.c bbs-setupfuncs.c bbs-file.c

Voila! You have now built your own ContikiBBS binaries. Now, how do we get these on a D64 disk image?

8.) Still in the source directory, create a D64 disk image (make sure you have set your PATH to point to the c1541 command-line program)
  $ c1541 -format "contikibbs,25" ctkbbs.d64

9.) Write the neccessary files to your new D64 disk image
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write contiki-bbs.c64 contiki-bbs
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write bbs-setup
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write lan91c96.eth
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write cs8900a.eth
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write login.txt
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write logout.txt
  $ c1541 ctkbbs.d64 -write menu.txt

Congratulations, you're done! Now you have a working D64 disk image containing ContikiBBS, ready to run in an emulator or to be written back to a real 1541 Disk in order to run on a real Commodore 64.

Okay, so this is how to build and prepare ContikiBBS for use on a Commodore 64. Now let's go through the setup process of ContikiBBS itself. So startup your VICE emulator and attach your ctkbbs.d64 disk image to drive 8. You are now at the Commodore 64 BASIC prompt.

10.) Load the ContikiBBS setup program
     LOAD "BBS-SETUP",8,1

11.) Start it ...

ContikiBBS configuration

The main menu will appear
     *** ContikiBBS 0.2.5 setup ***

     1...BBS base setup
     2...BBS board setup
     3...TCP/IP setup
     4...User editor

1...BBS base setup

The output below shows an example configuration for the BBS base setup. Feel free to choose your own BBS name, Sysop name and timeout values. If you have more than one disk drive and want to run ContikiBBS off your second drive, you may want to change the default drive number (8) to the drive number of your second disk drive (e.g. 9).  

     * BBS base setup
     Enter board drive #: 8
     Enter BBS prompt: BBS>
     Login timeout (seconds): 120
     Session timeout (seconds): 360

Once you have answered the above questions, you will be asked to confirm your input:

     Base data correct (y/n)?

Enter 'y' if everything is okay or 'n' to re-enter the BBS base configuration values.

2...BBS board setup

Boards are an early predecessor of today's internet forums. It's the place people write their postings. First you will be asked for the total number of boards you want to use. The minimum number of boards is 1. Each board can have a fixed number of messages. If this number is reached, the next posting in the board will start with number 1 again. Below you will see an example output showing the creation of three boards. Please be patient, as the creation of the data files may take some time (especially when you run ContikiBBS on real hardware).

     * BBS board setup

     How many boards? 3
     Board #1
     Enter board name: Lobby
     Maximum messages for board: 100

     Board data correct (y/n)? y

     Board #2
     Enter board name: Continki BBS
     Maximum messages for board: 100

     Board data correct (y/n)? y

     Board #3
     Enter board name: Help / Bugs
     Maximum messages for board: 100

     Board data correct (y/n)? y

3...TCP/IP setup

This configuration step will configure your Commodore 64 ethernet hardware, including IP addresses, driver and memory location of the cartridge. The example below shows a typical LAN setup using a RRnet or 64NIC+ cartridge at memory address $de08. Both cartridges use the cs8900a.eth driver. ETH64 network devices may use the lan91c96.eth driver along with its appropriate memory address.

NOTE: do not prefix your memory address with the '$' sign. E.g. if your ethernet cartridge resides at $de08 just enter 'de08' when being prompted for the memory address.

    * BBS network setup

    Host IP             :
    Netmask             :
    Gateway IP          :
    DNS IP              :
    Mem addr. ($de08)   : de08
    Driver (cs8900a.eth): cs8900a.eth
    Write to drive # (8): 8
    Network data correct (y/n)? y

4...User editor

The user editor is currently very limited. The only thing it does is add users to its database, nothing else. At the moment ContikiBBS does not care about usernames, it does not even distinguish between different users. This will change in future versions of the program. As for now a single user will be all we need. In the example below we just provide a simple 'guest' user with the password 'guest', so we can log in into our new BBS.

    * BBS user editor

    * Initializing user database ...

    User #  : 001
    Username: guest
    Password: guest
    User data correct (y/n)? y


You have now set up your ContikiBBS system and are ready to run. Quit the BBS setup program from the main menu by entering 'q'.

Running ContikiBBS
Once you have set up your ContikiBBS, reset your machine or emulator and load the ContikiBBS server from the Commodore 64 BASIC prompt.

1.) Load and run ContikiBBS

2.) Start it...

3.) Now use a second machine to connect to the IP address of your Commodore 64 (the Host IP address you entered in Step 3 of the BBS setup program) via telnet.

    $ telnet

i                                      i
i         w e l c o m e   t o :        i
i                                      i
i           >> contiki bbs <<          i
i                                      i
i         v 0.2.6 (c) 2009-2013        i
i                  by                  i
i              n. haedecke             i
i                                      i

Contiki BBS 0.2.6

login: _

You are now connected to your ContikiBBS system and can log in using the username and password you entered in Step 4 of the BBS setup program. Good job!