Contiki BBS released!

What's new in this release?

  • simple ACL (access control level) management:
    User accounts and boards now have an access level that offers some simple access control to your content. It's very easy to understand. If your user has an ACL of 10, he or she may access all boards with an ACL <= 10. So that user will not be able to access any boards with a higher ACL than 10.
  • Additionally, the timer code was completely rewritten and thanks to Oliver Schmidt, a useful change in Contiki OS tlenetd code could be made. 
  • Improved user editor. You can now edit and list user accounts in the setup program.


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Contiki <--- Download  Contiki-BBS.
Released (0.2.7) user manual <--- Download Manual.

Want to visit the online demo? just telnet to:
username: guest
password: guest

Kind regards,
lodger :)