Commodore 8bit Networked Applications.

A collection of Networked Applications and links to files for the Commodore 8bit.

Nic64+, RR-Net Mark I&II and TFE   

FTP, IRC, HTTP Server & Browser, WGET,  EMAIL, DHCP and Twitter Client.

An attemp to utilize the RR-Net for high speed disk image transfer.

Makes it possible to use a PC as file server for the C64

By ShadowM offers IP65 implemented into GEOS as well as a small chat client. Unfortunatly ShadowsM Commodore section has been taken down.

By RaveGuru is a C/G (Petscii) Telnet terminal for C64 and C128 with RR-Net or (E)TFE.

By Doc Bacardi is a kind of fastloader for your C64. However, it doesn't load programs from a floppy but via a webserver.

A bitmap editor for Windows. 0xPaint includes CodeNet and VICE support, so it's very easy to create compiled pics either on a D64, or a floppy.

By lallafa is a portable drag & drop D64 Disk Image Editor for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Network support: Download programs or share disk images as NetDrives with a single click to a real C64 with RR-Net and The Final Replay ROM. Main Feature in 0.7: Added full WarpCopy support.

By Jockstrap is a command-line Linux client for Graham's WarpCopy64 V0.6 server, allowing you to transfer disks from your 1541 to your Linux system through the RR-Net ethernet adapter.

- NetBoot - the original "boot a c64 via tftp" cartridge image
- KipperKart - net booting, SID player, web application server and more
- KipperGo - a gopher and simple telnet (vt100 and petscii) cartridge image
- KipperTerm - telnet client (vt100 and petscii) plus XMODEM support
by jonnosan

By Hannenz is a cross development tool for RR-Net that allows full remote access from PC side of C64 memory - including REU support and disk drives. Investigate memory as dump, petascii, disassembly, send and receive from/to mem from/to files, read disk drive directory.

By Devia is for testing the stability of Commodore 64 ethernet cards based on the Crystal Semiconductors CS8900A chip. Supported Ethernet Cards: RR-Net, The Final Ethernet (TFE), FB-Net, Net64, 64NIC and CCCC 64NIC+. For more info.

Singular browser:
By Soci is a graphical web browser for C64/C128 with RR-Net or (E)TFE.

By MagerValp is a transfer system for RR-Net that's so small that you can type it in. Works with MMC Replay, Retro Replay, MMC64, and SuperSnapshot with an RR-Net plugged in.

By Oxyron. With the RR-Net you can transfer disk images extremely fast. It runs under Windows and enables the transfer of D64 and D81 files from PC to C64 and vice versa.

Artillery Duel:
Has been ported by Schema to work over the internet or LAN with RR-Net or ETH64! Play with two players over the Internet or LAN (turn-based) and chat.

A simple racing game written to demonstrate the potential of multiplayer games over the Internet with the Commodore 64. It features eight simultaneous players over the Internet or LAN!.]Flyer Internet Modem

Commodore 64 or C128 in C64 mode:
Flyer Telnet 1.0.0 (PRG File) -

Flyer IRC 1.0.0 (PRG File) -

Flyer Apps D64 with both Telnet and IRC clients

Flyer IRC PET currently supports 80 column, 32K (or greater) PET models only:
Flyer IRC for PET/CBM 1.0.1 (PRG File) –

Flyer Apps D64 with Telnet 64, IRC 64 and PET IRC clients –]Comet Internet Modem
V- 1541:
Allows a Commodore 64 computer to load and save files directly to disks stored on

Chat application for

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