FCIII+ KILL fix by penfold42

While working on another project, I noticed that the KILL function on the FCIII doesn't do a complete kill.

I doubt most people would notice or even care but it if you have a multi cart expander board this might affect you.

The problem is the FCIII has its rom enable permanently connected to the negative "or" ROML, ROMH, IO1 and IO2.

The fix is 1 npn transistor and one resistor.

1) cut the trace going to the eprom output enable.
2) connect base to the led anode
3) connect collector to eprom OE
4) connect emitter to the other side of the cut trace
5) connect pullup resistor (10k?) between VCC AND eprom OE

Picture, 1000 words...

The transistor is just a boring bc548...

I just realized there should probably be a resistor in line before the base of the transistor. As it stands its probably putting 1.7 v on the base.

A 1k resistor should work.

A delay was needed  inserted a 10n cap in my case

By penfold42