Blazon latest release.

Blazon latest release available as video at:

Running time: 41:58 min

or simply enjoy the shorter clip captured from from C64 with SID 6581R3.

Running time: 29:35 min

but of course you better should download the c64 demo here:

To hear and see all parts by yourself, otherwise you could miss the complete digipart or the sound  of the movie the fog done by eco. 

We released a collection of oldstyle demo parts, which also consists of some unreleased material
by dflame before he passed away.

These demo features some special guest parts and should be seen as a tribute to my friend Dflame.

idea & concept of Last Touch by Blazon by Baracuda

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We greet all our fans, friends, voters and you !

Article by Baracuda of Excess, Blazon, The Stock, Smash Designs.