JiffyDos & UIEC Cheat Sheet V1.1

@Read the disk drive error channel
@C:newfile=file Copy a file on the same diskette
@I Initialize the disk drive
@N:diskname,ID Format (NEW) a diskette
@N:diskname Short NEW
@Q Disable the JiffyDOS commands
@R:newname=oldname Rename a file
@S:file1{,file2}… Scratch a file (or files)
@UJ Reset the disk drive
@V Validate a disk
@$ Display the disk directory
@#device Set the default device number
/filename Load a BASIC program
~filename Load and run a BASIC program
%filename Load an ML program
filename Save a BASIC program
Additional JiffyDOS Commands
@B Disable the 1541 head rattle
@D:filename List a BASIC program from disk
@F Disable the function keys
@G Set interleave gapsize
@L:filename Lock/Unlock a file
@O Un-NEW a BASIC program
@P Toggle printer output
@T:filename List an ASCII file from disk
@X Set Destination device number
@XW Writes currect drive as default
(Sets uIEC as 8 instead of defaulted drive 10)
@CD:Directory Changes the current directory
@CD:<- Changes to the parent directory

*”filename”type Copy a file,
|filename Load and run an ML file
’filename Verify a file

CTRL+A Toggle all files for copy
CTRL+D Default drive toggle
CTRL+P Screen dump
CTRL+W Toggle single file for copy

SHIFT+RUN/STOP Load and run first program on disk

SYS 58451 Re-enable the JiffyDOS commands (64 mode)
SYS 58551 Re-enable the JiffyDOS function keys and commands (64 mode)
SYS 65137 Re-enable the JiffyDOS commands (128 mode)

Load the Directory – LOAD”$”,10
Load a Basic file – LOAD”filename”,10
Load a ML file – LOAD”filename”,10,1
Load first disk file – LOAD”*”,10

Save a File – SAVE”filename”,10
Save a ML file – SAVE”filename”,10,1

Make a DIR – OPEN15,10,15:PRINT#15,”MD:directory name”:CLOSE15
Remove a DIR – OPEN15,10,15:PRINT#15,”RD:directory name”:CLOSE15

Change into a DIR – OPEN15,10,15:PRINT#15,”CD/directory name”:CLOSE15
Change out of DIR – OPEN15,10,15:PRINT#15,”CD[left arrow]“:CLOSE15

Mount a Disk Image – OPEN15,10,15:PRINT#15,”CD:Image name.Dxx”:CLOSE15
Exit a Disk Image – OPEN15,10,15:PRINT#15,”CD[left arrow]“:CLOSE15


Sources Uiec Manual JiffyDos Manual Original Sheet by Berry