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Been around since 1992... which is like, an eternity in computer-time.

What Is It?

It's a BBS running Centipede on a Commodore 128, supporting all Commodore computers or anyone who wants to check it out.

[+] 1000s of files for the Commodore 64, Vic-20, 128, Plus/4 and GEOS
[+] Over 90 file areas so far, stilla dding more
[+] 60+ online games (Empire, Nuke'Em, tons more)
[+] Lots of message bases

Useless Hardware Info:

Running on a Commodore 128D w/640K of RAM (which is enough for anyone)
Ports open at 38,400 so it flies. Ever seen an 8-bit transfer at 38.4K? Holy crap.
4GB CMD SCSI drive running off a Compact Flash card. Fast. For 8-bit.
Runs PETSCII, ANSI, ASCII so connect with whatever you want.
Speaking of connecting, connect from the website at if you don't have a terminal.