How to replace and configure your CMD HD-### hard drive.

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SCSI configure as below.

Termination Enabled
Termination Power FROM Drive
Termination Power NOT to BUS
Parity Enabled
Spindle starts immediately after power up



Please follow this procedure as outlined:
1) Power up the Floppy drive.
2) Insert the HD Utilities diskette.
3) Power up the computer.
4) Power up the CMD and let it "lock" with those lights on.
5) Hold the "swap 8" & "swap 9" buttons on the CMD (do not release).
6) Press & release the "reset" button on the CMD (lights go out).
7) Release the "swap 8" & "swap 9" buttons on the CMD.
9) Press ENTER after intro/instruction page (do NOT do the swap 8/9 again).
10) Complete the procedure normally, then reboot.
11) LOAD "HD-TOOLS.64",8 -> RUN
12) Follow prompts, etc...

The above instructions are standard procedure for HD replacement.

Please keep in mind, the best way to work with a SCSI drive on a retro platform is to first establish the drive's status using more capable hardware. But, you can do it with LLFORMAT and you should then answer "y" when CREATE SYS asks to clear the lower sector area of the drive. This question is presented just after the starting block entry, usually 384 (default) and should be left at 384.