The Total Arcade 64

The Total Arcade 64, unlike the classic 1-button joysticks, provides several
advantages: Besides being able to play 2 people at the same time, it is done
so that in 1 player mode, right-handed or left-handed people can choose which
side use because it is symmetrical about its connections. We have the fire
button (D1 or D2), the jump (C), which is simply the microswitch connected to
it that is activated when the lever up and the space bar (E), both used in a
multitude of games and connected to the port fire button 1.

For a full experience, you must connect both cables to their respective ports,
regardless of the order since this only depends if the player is used to catch
the stick with the right hand or the left. The function of each button is:



A: Left Lever
B: Right Lever
C: Jump or forward button (MicroSwitch connected to the lever up)
D: Fire Button (Connect the D1 to D2 spacebar button for the Left Lever)
E: Spacebar Button (Connected to Right Lever D1)

Here are some examples:

Lever A + Lever B

Smash TV - Lever A Move - Lever B Shoot
Frank Brunos Boxing - Lever A Hit - Lever B Dodge
Robotron 2084 - Lever A Move - Lever B Shoot
Renegade 1: Lever A Fight - Lever B Move

Lever A+ Buttons C + D + E

Turbo Charge - Lever A Move - C Speed Increase- D Shoot - E Turbo
Turrican I, II and III - Lever A Move - D Shoot - C Jump - E Bomb
Green Beret : Lever A Move - Jump C - D Knife - E Weapon
Super Wonderboy : Lever A Move - Jump C - D Sword - E Enter
MYTH : Lever A Move - C Jump - Attack D - E Change weapon
Knight'n'Grail : A Move - Jump C - D Sword - E Map and weapon selection .

Lever A + Buttons D + E

Commando: Lever A Move - D Shoot - E Grenades
Nemesis : Lever A Move - D Shoot - E Select weapon.

Lever A + Buttons C + D

Solar Jetman : Lever A Move - C Shoot - D Accelerate
Hawkeye : Lever A Move - C Jump - D Shoot
Ghost'n'Goblins : Lever A Move - C Jump - D Shoot

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